Our team has been conducting research since 2021. We have taken part in over 50 Beach and underwater cleanups, and we analytically have documented what kind of debris we find (plastic, aluminum, foam etc.)

We weight them. We count them in liters. Finally, we enter everything in a database sow e can have statistical research.

What kind of litter Is more in one place vs another.

Just in 2022 We took place in 22 underwater cleanups in the Attica region, 2 at Thessaloniki and 6 terrestrial Cleanups including two Natura2000 protected regions.

In total since 2021 when we were founded, we have taken part in 50+ initiatives

For 2023 our team has decided to begin an innovative project with a 3 year duration to conduct water quality tests at specific locations so we can use this data for an innovative solution to help marine life and biodiversity.

We already work closely with universities, HCMR and other government facilities.